The organizing commettees of SkiriTrophy XCountry and Marcialonga establish for the year 2019 a new and fashinated combined named SKIRILONGA combining the names of the two events, reserved to the participants of the two competitions in the same year.



  1. Skirilonga is opened to the participants of both genders no limitation on age in respect with the corresponding categories
  2. the order of arrival of the Skirilonga combined will be calculated with an algorithm which will combine the results of the parent at the Marcialonga Skiing 2019 and the one of the children at the SkiriTrophy XCountry 2019 giving the same level of importance at the two performances
  3. the participation is reserved to two members of the same family (mother, father, daughter and son) participating to the SkiriTrophy XCountry and Marcialonga Skiing 70 km in the respective categories
  4. the basic prerequisite to be classified is the respect to the regulations of the single competitions together with the registration made during the registration for the SkiriTrophy XCountry before the 20 January 2019
  5. the participation to the combined is free of charge
  6. the price giving ceremony will take place at the podium at the arrivals of the Marcialonga Skiing in Cavalese at 17.00 of the 27 January 2019
  7. the prices will be reserved to the first three couples and will be:
    • a personal ticket for the Marcialonga Skiing for the competitor of the SkiriTrophy XCountry on reaching the required age
    • a free accommodation for a two-night stay for two persons in one hotel in Val di Fiemme
  8. the winners will be promptly notified via SMS by the organization committee
  9. the personal presence at the price giving cerimony is mandatory, failing which the price would be lost
  10. the participants fully acknowledges that to take part in the two races it is necessary to be physically and technically well-prepared: for this reason the adult participant at the Marcialonga Skiing, when entering the race, must be personally responsible for declaring that both the participants at the SkiriLonga are properly trained
  11. by sending the entry-form, competitors confirms the willingness to accept and abide by the current Regulation, exempting the Organizing Committee from any liability in case of damage done or suffered
  12. for any other matter not in the present rules, it is to be considered the F.I.S. Guidelines for Popular Cross-Country Competitions.