The organization commettees of the SkiriTrophy XCountry and Trofeo Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo in order to share the passion of Country skiing and the love for the territory of the Fiemme Valley and Piane di Mocogno, established for the year 2019 a new exiting race, the so called SKIRI-PINOCCHIO combining the two events. At Skiri Pinocchio can participate all the athletes that took part in the other two races in the same year.

The new race will take place in Castello di Fiemme, between the end of January and the beginning of February 2019, with 2 different sport trials for the categories Baby, Cuccioli, Ragazzi e Allievi.

The event will start on the 19th and 20th January 2019 in Castello di Fiemme (TN) with a competition in classic cross county, in honour of the 36th edition of the SkiriTrophy Xcountry and it will continue on the 2nd and 3rd February 2019 in Lama Locagno (MO) with a skating cross county competition, celebrating the 4th edition of the „Trofeo Topolino Pinocchio sugli sci di fondo“.

The prize giving ceremony for the winners of „Skiri Pinocchio“ will take place on Sunday 3rd February at the Country Stadium in Piana Amorotti, a beautiful location surrounded by nature, home of the Trofeo Topolino Pinocchio.

This new race will combine the experience of the „Gruppo Sportivo Castello di Fiemme“, organizer of the SkiriTrophy Xcountry with the one of Olympic Lama asd, group in charge of the „Trofeo Topolino Pinocchio sugli sci di fondo“.


  1. The combined refers to the categories male and female Baby – Cuccioli – Ragazzi and Allievi and is reserved to the competitors which will have participated to the Skiri Trophy XCountry in Val di Fiemme on the 19th and 20th January 2019 and to the distance competition of the IV Pinocchio Sugli Sci di Fondo Trophy in Piane di Mocogno on the 03th February 2019. The competitors participating to only one of the above mentioned competition will not be included in the ranking.
  2. The ranking will be obtained by summing race time of the Skiri Trophy XCountry and race time of the distance race of the 4th Pinocchio Sugli Sci di Fondo Trophy. In case of equality both competitors will be rewarded.
  3. The first three athletes for each category will be rewarded.
  4. The prize giving of the combined will be held during the prize giving of the 4th Pinocchio Sugli Sci di Fondo Trophy in Lama Mocogno, Piazza Cesare Battisti at 3 p.m. on the 03rd February 2019.

The organizing committees of the Skiri Trophy XCountry and of Pinocchio Sugli di Fondo Trophy reserves the right to make variations on the rules. Further information available on and

By registration to the Skiri Trophy XCountry and Pinocchio Sugli Sci di Fondo Trophy the athlete declares to entirely know and understand the rules; he also exonerates the Organizers from any liability, both civil and penal, for injury to people and things caused or derived by him.

All athletes participating in the Combined, enrolling in the competition automatically agree to the use of photos and videos that portray them with the sole purpose of promoting the event on the official websites, the official social channels and sites and social channels of the partners of the event.