The registration process for the race is organised through an online registration system. Please read carefully the following instructions before to proceed.



  1. The organisations which have already used the on line application system in the previous editions of the event can use the same access credentials (password) to log in in the new system.
  2. The organisations which are not registered jet, or in case the access credentials have been lost, should send an email, signed by the person in charge of the organisation,  to ask for new credentials at with the subject:  ACCESS CREDENTIALS REQUEST FOR ON LINE APPLICATION “name of the organisation”.



To enter the registration system press the following LINK:

  1. in the homepage please select your organisation in the drop-down menu
  2. insert your password and proceed with LOGIN.

NOTE: Your browser could show a message of “CONNECTION NOT SECURE” both in the address line and while inserting username and password. Please do not care of it and go on with the process, considering you do not have to insert any information regarding payments.

At the first login, before to proceed with the subscription of the athletes, the system requests to the person in charge for the organization to declare that all the athletes have the needed requirements to participate to the race. Please, read carefully this declaration and check the relative checkbox so then you can go on with the registrations. The declaration will be permanently visualized on line and will be forwarded to the FISI for the verifications.

After accepting this declaration, and in any case all the other times the user access the registration area until registrations are open, it will be possible to go on and subscribe or unsubscribe athletes:

  1. If the athlete has already participated at the event: select the button Subscribe Member in the upper part of the window and select his/her name from the drop-down menu, please check if the inserted data (e.g. name, gender, birthday) is correct.
  2. If the athlete has already participated at the previous editions of the event but the information in the archive is not correct please send an email with the corrected data at before to proceed.
  3. If the athlete has never attended the event before: select the button Add new member in the upper part of the window and fill the form with her/his data.
  4. The name of each subscribed athlete will be added in the list of the enrolled athletes, visualised in the central part of the page in the section Subscribed Athletes, subscribed this year’s trophy
  5. It is possible to delete an athlete from the list by selecting the button Unsubscribe member in the upper part of the page and then selecting his/her name from the drop-down menu.
  6. At the end of the list of the enrolled athlete the total amount of the registration is displayed.
  7. The data inserted are automatically saved in the database of the race and any other confirmation is not required.
  8. Every time an athlete is inserted the system proposes to download the list of subscribed athletes in PDF. It is possible to download it or wait until the last athlete, in any case the message will be proposed for the further registrations.
  9. To confirme the registration please logout or close the window of the browser.

To enter the online registration system please press the following LINK.

Only for the fedelisimi if it is not possible to register though the online system please send an email containing all the information of the athlete and the team to the address



For each athlete registered the organisation has to present a privacy document signed by one of the parents and with a copy of the identity card or passport of the signer (different for minors and adults)

The privacy documents have to be delivered to the organisation of the Skiry Trophy via email before or during the collection of the race numbers. Please remember that without  delivering the privacy document it is not possible to participate at the Trofeo Skiry Trophy XCountry.
The privacy document has to be delivered also for the participants of the REVIVAL Trophy.

The payment of the registration fee had to be done in cash or with a bank check during the collection of the race number at the secretariat.