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The popular annual event, a true sports celebration, has been postponed until 2022 due to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic

It was a hard decision for Nicoletta Nones and the Skiri Trophy organising committee, but an inevitable one after the terrible loss Nicoletta and the whole community have suffered

The Skiri Trophy XCountry, scheduled to be held Saturday, 23 and Sunday, 24 January in Val di Fiemme, has been postponed until 2022.

The organisation of the event was in full swing despite the COVID-19 situation and just last week the organising committee headed by Nicoletta Nones had been given the green light by the relevant authorities.

Now, given the many existing and announced travel restrictions, several parents have expressed considerable doubts as to whether they should allow their children to participate in the event, since they cannot go with them. The Skiri Trophy would then not be a great family celebration as it has always been.

Then, last Saturday, a tragic event forced Nicoletta Nones to surrender. While she and her husband Massimo Piazzi – who was a big supporter of the event – were cross-country skiing, he suddenly passed away.

The Skiri Trophy has always been a great celebration of sport, families, life. Nicoletta and the organising committee had worked hard, also following Massimo’s helpful suggestions, to organise the 38th Skiri Trophy despite the enormous difficulties, and had obtained all the necessary permits. They were working against the clock, determined that the event had to take place. Nicoletta Nones is the soul of the Skiri Trophy, but it is understandable that, right now, she needs to be at her daughters’ side. The organising committee and the GS Castello president Alberto Nones have then decided to postpone the event until next winter, so that it can hopefully return to its former glory and also out of respect for the tragic loss that the whole community of Castello di Fiemme is mourning.

Many people have extended their sympathy to Nicoletta, because Massimo was a life enthusiast, a generous man and a precious ‘counsellor’ for the Skiri Trophy, even if behind the scenes.

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