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35th Skiri Trophy XCountry in Italy’s Val di Fiemme
Four categories on track next Saturday and Sunday
Entries officially close today
Kinder as main partner. Skirilonga and Pinocchio combined events

Two days of exciting races, children coming from all corners of the world to Italy’s Val di Fiemme, the paradise of Winter Sport in the Dolomites, and the idea of an event that represents some sort of a starting point for any cross-country skier.
Entries to the 35th Skiri Trophy Xcountry close today and next Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 January hundreds of young skiers will be invading the Italian alpine valley, in particular the XC Skiing Stadium in Lago di Tesero. About ten days ago, the same venue hosted the 2018 FIS Tour de Ski finals and three Nordic Combined World Cup races a few days after.

Four different categories – between 2002 and 2009 born girls and boys – will battle it up, in classic technique only, on Saturday at 14.00 and on Sunday from 9.30 on. A so-called Revival event is scheduled on Saturday at 15.30 along with former participants.
One of this year’s main news is the Skirilonga combined event. Young participants to the Skiri Trophy XCountry and their parents (mum or dad) who are joining next Marcialonga ski-marathon, will create a special combined standings where both times will be summed up. The first three teams on the table will be awarded during the Marcialonga awarding ceremony (at 17.00 of 28 January) and will receive a two-night stay each in one of the following hotels: Hotel Bellavista in Cavalese, Hotel Torretta in Bellamonte and Agritur Maso Pertica in Castello di Fiemme. First three kids on the race podium will also get a free Marcialonga entry to be used when they turn 18 years old.
The 2018 Skiri Trophy Xcountry will team up and create a second combined event, this time with the Trofeo Pinocchio sugli Sci da Fondo scheduled on 3 and 4 February.

Italy’s Skiri Trophy Xcountry has a partnership with Ferrero Group, and the project ‘Kinder+Sport’, that aims to promote sport and physical activity from an early age, will get on track too next weekend in Val di Fiemme. Several stands and booths will be available to athletes and public inside the stadium, everyone is invited to join the event and collect some useful gadgets during both days.
The Skiri Trophy Xcountry used to be the Trofeo Topolino Cross Country Skiing, ‘we were afraid of the name change’, said OC coordinator Nicoletta Nones, ‘however, it all went great last year and we have to thank some important partners like Kinder+Sport Joy Of Moving and others that allowed us to create a top-level event.’


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35° Skiri Trophy XCountry on 20 and 21 January in Val di Fiemme (Italy)
Two days of CT races plus several side events
Baby and Cuccioli categories on track on Saturday
Ragazzi and Allievi to compete on Sunday

As a matter of fact, the Skiri Trophy XCountry – former Trofeo Topolino Cross Country Skiing – may be viewed as some sort of World Championship for new generations of Cross Country skiers.

Back in 1984, the Gruppo Sportivo Castello OC gave birth to the international event and next 20 and 21 January it will celebrate its 35th anniversary.

All the races (Classic Technique is the only one allowed!) will take place inside the modern XC skiing stadium located in Lago di Tesero (Val di Fiemme), the same area where World Cup superstars will battle it up in the upcoming FIS Tour de Ski, next weekend.

The official programme reads as follows: Baby and Cuccioli categories will get on track at 14.00 on Saturday 20, followed by the Revival event (at 15.30) together with former participants who have become today’s important skiers on a national and international basis. The official opening ceremony will take place in Castello di Fiemme at 17.30 with live music, a traditional parade and the cauldron lighting part.

A comedy theatre show will entertain everyone at Tesero Cinema Teatro Comunale later in the evening.

Older categories, namely Ragazzi and Allievi, will show up at the XC skiing Stadium at 9.30 on Sunday morning 21 January. Several side events and activities are scheduled inside the arena during the day and the closing ceremony will take place at 15.00.

Every track looks perfectly set, recent snowfalls have whitened the area and the entire alpine valley now looks amazing.

For those who plan to register to the Skirilonga combined event, the OC recommends to specify the name of the parent taking part into the Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa on the registration process at the Skiri Trophy.

Registrations to the Skiri-Pinocchio event may be submitted at the Pinocchio Trophy on 3 and 4 February.

Do follow next Skiri Trophy XCountry on Facebook and Instagram official pages with pics, data and real time live videos.


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35th Skiri Trophy XCountry next 20 and 21 January
‘Skirilonga’ and ‘Pinocchio’ team up with 2018 Skiri Trophy
Race packet unveiled. Texmarket and Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving as main partners
All races to go live video streaming on Facebook

Entries open to the 35th Skiri Trophy Xcountry in Italy’s Val di Fiemme. The two-day event at the feet of majestic Dolomites – scheduled on 20 and 21 January 2018 – was invented and is now orchestrated by the GS Castello OC who once again gives the opportunity to young skiers to dream of becoming a XC skiing champion.

The race packet has been unveiled and contains a band cap by the main sponsor Texmarket, an Italian family company specialised in manufacturing of personalised sportswear, based in South Tyrol area.

One of the main partners of the Skiri Trophy Xcountry is Kinder that supports the ‘Kinder + Sport Joy of Moving’, the Gruppo Ferrero’s social responsibility project that involves 28 countries and aims to promote next generations’ active lifestyle.
Skirilonga is a new born combined competition. Young participants to the 2018 Skiri Trophy XCountry and their parents joining Marcialonga on the 28 January will team up and have the chance to win holidays in Val di Fiemme. Entries to the Skirilonga event will be accepted when children register (

The Skiri Trophy Xcountry and the Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo event in Central Italy (scheduled on 4 February) have also recently signed a ‘combined’ deal and those who take part into both events might also race in a thrilling …Combined event that will sum up the times of each race. Entries to this event will be accepted at the Pinocchio race.

A live video streaming of both days (20 and 21 January) on the Skiri Trophy official Facebook page, has been announced by GS Castello OC member Nicoletta Nones. And so was a show in Tesero theatre right after the opening ceremony, and everyone is invited.

Regarding the trophy itself, the younger Baby and Cuccioli categories will get on the Lago di Tesero tracks on Saturday 20, while Ragazzi and Allievi will show up at the start the day after. In addition to this, former athletes will join the Skiri Trophy Revival event.
The 2018 Skiri Trophy Xcountry event is part of the FIS Snow Kidz and World Snow Day projects.

Proceed with the registration.


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The SKIPASS showcase hosted both events
Skiri Trophy XCountry and Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo OCs gathered in Modena
Hundreds of kids awaited on 20-21 January and 3-4 February 2018
A combined event will sum up the times of each race

Italy’s most important exhibition about travel and winter tourism took place in the city of Modena a few days ago. SKIPASS celebrated its 24th edition this year and both Skiri Trophy XCountry and Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo seized the moment.
Former Cross Country Skiing Topolino Trophy in Val di Fiemme (Trentino area) will get on track next 20 and 21 January while Pinocchio will wear boots and skis two weeks after in the mountains around Modena
Both OCs, namely Gruppo Sportivo Castello di Fiemme and Asd Olimpic Lama, unveiled their events and celebrated XC skiing in Modena the other day along with a bunch of young boys and girls who had the chance to compete inside the pavillion where a small ski track was purposely set up by the organisers.
Flipping through the Skiri Trophy XCountry history book, many little champions joined the Italian event and the Cross Country Skiing Arena in Lago di Tesero is about to welcome new generations of future champions in a little less than three months. As tradition goes, races will only be held in Classic Technique (Baby, Cuccioli, Ragazzi and Allievi age categories). Trofeo Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo, instead, will only allow kids to race in Free Technique, it is scheduled on 3 and 4 February in Piane di Mocogno (Modena Province), and those who will take part into both events might also race in a thrilling Combined event that will sum up the times of each race.


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Skiri Trophy XCountry (20-21 January) and Marcialonga (28 January) in Italy
Skirilonga is the natural and free combination of the two events
Mum or Dad takes part into the ski-marathon and kids join the Skiri Trophy
Holidays in Trentino area as awards for winners

When two of the world’s most famous cross country skiing events join together, the result cannot but be even bigger and more fun. Marcialonga represents the second most popular winter ski-marathon in the world, after Sweden’s Vasaloppet, and skiers and snow lovers from anywhere on this planet take part into Marcialonga in order to enjoy the fabulous and unique 70k track that crosses both Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa with all their picturesque little towns, at the foot of majestic Italian Dolomites. The Skiri Trophy XCountry recently changed its name, it used to be the XC Trofeo Topolino, but not much has practically changed as it remains some sort of reference point for all young skiers of any nation.
In 2018, both events will be strongly tied one another thanks to a new born competition named ‘Skirilonga’. Young participants to the Skiri Trophy XCountry and their parents will create a special combined standings where both times will be summed up and the deal will be done, better yet, the fun doubled! Only one rule must be followed, mum or dad plus one of their son or daughter will form the teams, that’s it, and it will be totally free for everyone.

The first three teams on the overall standings will be awarded as follows:
– FIRST PRICE: a two-night stay full-board included for two at the Hotel Bellavista in Cavalese for the first couple
– SECOND PRICE: a two-night stay full-board included for two at the Hotel Torretta in Bellamonte for the second team,
– THIRD PRICE: a two-night B&B stay for four people (2 adults and 2 children) at Agritur Maso Pertica in Castello di Fiemme to the bronze medallists.

The first three kids instead, will be awarded with a free participation to the Marcialonga (when they will be 18 years old).


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Skiri Trophy XCountry next 20 and 21 January
GS Castello OC partners with Kinder+Sport
Skiri Trophy & Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo team up and create a special Combined event
Kids of any nation unite! Val di Fiemme is getting ready for you all!

Green and yellow are the main natural colors of Italy’s Val di Fiemme in these days. The hope for the winter season to come is to see the entire valley and its beautiful Cross Country Skiing Stadium covered in white snow so as to welcome next Skiri Trophy Xcountry races in a proper and spectacular manner.
The most important XC Skiing event for young people in the country makes plans for next 20 and 21 January when the 35th edition will get on track, and the local GS Castello OC has got some big news for the 2018 event.
‘United we stand, divided we fall’ is a very well known saying, hence the Skiri Trophy Xcountry organisers decided to team up with the Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo organising group (Olimpic Lama Asd) and to create a new exciting event for the hundreds of kids who will take part into these amazing races next year.
As previously said, next Skiri Trophy Xcountry in Classic Technique will take place on 20 and 21 January in Val di Fiemme (Trentino Area) while Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo – a Free Technique event – is scheduled on 3 and 4 February in Piane di Mocogno (Modena Province). Those who will join both events might also race in a thrilling Combined event that will sum up the times of each race. The final awarding ceremony will take place on Sunday 4 February at the Centro Fondo Piana Amorotti, the house of the Pinocchio sugli Sci di Fondo event.
Italy’s Skiri Trophy Xcountry has renewed a partnership with Ferrero Group and the project ‘Kinder+Sport’ that aims to promote sport and physical activity from an early age.


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The 24th February on Italian TV Channel Rai Sport 1 HD at 13:45 there will be the television report of the 34° Skiri Trophy XCountry.

45 minutes of absolute fun!!

You can follow it also from the on line streaming of Rai Sport 1.


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Successful second day of races at the Skiri Trophy XCountry in Lago di Tesero (Italy)
Four exciting races with great performances
Victories for Maria Sole Cona (IT), Marco Barale (IT), Anna Rossi (IT) and Marko Skender (CRO)
Positive result for G.S. Castello, whose efforts are appreciated by the sponsor “Kinder + Sport”

The motto of the 34th Skiri Trophy XCountry was… smile. It was just one of the many funny gags of the Trophy’s official speaker, i.e. Mario Broll, one of the event’s three founders. And competitors had certainly a reason for smiling, especially Maria Sole Cona and Marco Barale (Ragazzi category) and Anna Rossi and Marko Skender (Allievi category), who won after exciting battles in the second day of races in Val di Fiemme (Trentino region, Italy) and are now part of the prestigious list of winners including great protagonists at international level.
The first to start were the girls of the “Ragazzi” category at 9.30 for a mass start race in the cross-country skiing arena of Lago di Tesero. At the start there was also Austrian Anna Maria Logonder who won here in 2015 and 2016 and was ready to fiercely struggle to claim the victory for the third time. She made her intentions clear in the first lap when she was in the lead followed by Elisa Gallo (IT), Zala Sepic (SLO) and Nadine Laurent (IT). Maria Sole Cona was behind trying to close the gap after a difficult start. In the next 3 km Cona began to pass her contenders one after the other, and supported by a huge cheering crowd crossed the finish line first with an excellent time (10’27”6), 10” ahead of Austrian Logonder and Slovenian Sepic.
Boys had to complete a 600 m. lap and two 2.350 m. laps. At the start Italian Kevin Albareda gained easily ground on Martino Carollo and Marco Barale. After 2950 m., Carollo took the lead followed by Biondini and Barale. During the last lap Barale increased his rhythm, immediately followed by teammate Carollo. Barale made a final sprint in the last few metres and won (14’16”15) with just 7/10 on Carollo, with Matteo Biondini claiming the third place (+ 2”). The track was in perfect conditions also for the next race, when as many as 85 girls (Allievi category) battled for 5.3 km. Spanish Maria Iglesias animated the first part of the race together with Italian Sara Armellini, Anna Tazzioli and Anna Rossi. During the second lap Anna Rossi and Sara Armellini took alternatively the lead. The final sprint went to Anna Rossi capable of crossing the finish line before Sara Armellini and Silvia Campione.
The last race scheduled saw boys (Allievi category) competing for 6.8 km at a considerable pace and with continuous changes in the lead. At the end of the first lap Matteo Ferrari (IT) led, followed by Slovenian Jost Mulej. After 3.7 km Croatian Skender closed the gap to Matteo Ferrari and progressively gained ground in the last lap, crossing the finish line alone with Matteo Ferrari 5 seconds behind. Third place for Slovenian Mulej.
Italy had no rivals in the overall standing for nations, followed by Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Austria. The victory in the overall standing for Ski clubs went to SC Alpi Marittime ahead of SC Alta Valtellina and SKI Association PGZ (CRO).
The day ended with the official prize giving ceremony in Castello di Fiemme. The organising committee’s coordinator Nicoletta Nones noted: “We are extremely satisfied. It was a brand new start for us after Disney’s decision not to support the event any longer; we worked hard and were happy to have so many participants and spectators”.

Download TV footage

Ragazzi Male
1 Marco BARALE S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:14:16.15;
2 Martino CAROLLO S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:14:16.85;
3 Matteo BIONDINI S.C. Piandelagotti 00:14:18.85;
4 Samuele GIRAUDO S.C. Valle Stura 00:14:54.85;
5 Gabriele RIGAUDO S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:14:55.60;
6 Yosuè manuel TOGNI S.C. Alta Valtellina 00:15:18.10;
7 Nicolò GARCIA S.C. Sestriere 00:15:18.26;
8 Gabriele MONTELEONE U.S. Dolomitica 00:15:22.85;
9 Riccardo ZANON A.S. Cauriol 00:15:22.85;
10 Massimiliano CASASOLA A.S. Monte Coglians 00:15:23.85

Ragazzi Female
1 Maria Sole CONA S.C. Bosco 00:10:27.06;
2 Anna-Maria LOGONDER Union Rosenbach 00:10:37.06;
3 Zala SEPIC Tsk Bled 00:10:40.46;
4 Elisa GALLO S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:10:44.56;
5 Nadine LAURENT S.C. Gressoney Monte Rosa 00:10:46.81;
6 Ana SMOLE Tsk Valkarton Logatec 00:11:00.32;
7 Elena ROSSI S.C. Primaluna Giovanni XXIII 00:11:11.57;
8 Martina GIORDANO S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:11:13.07;
9 Alessia TOGNI U.S. Lavaze’ 00:11:14.42;
10 Ilaria SCATTOLO A.S. Monte Coglians 00:11:14.82

Allievi Male
1 Marko SKENDER Ski Association Pgz 00:18:10.00;
2 Matteo FERRARI U.S. Dolomitica 00:18:15.15;
3 Jost MULEJ Sd Gorje 00:18:23.23;
4 Andrea GARTNER Asd Bachmann Cultura E Sport 00:18:24.00;
5 David GIUSTI A.S.V. Prad Raiffeisen Werbering 00:18:26.26;
6 Stefano CANAVESE S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:18:28.25;
7 Alessandro CHIOCCHETTI U.S. Monti Pallidi 00:18:32.01;
8 Luca SCLISIZZO U.S. Aldo Moro 00:18:32.37;
9 Matteo VEGEZZI BOSSI S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:18:41.41;
10 Francesco VIGNA S.C. Alpi Marittime 00:18:45.16

Allievi Female
1 Anna ROSSI S.C. Primaluna Giovanni XXIII 00:15:51.95;
2 Sara ARMELLINI S.C. Alta Valtellina 00:15:52.45;
3 Silvia CAMPIONE U.S. Stella Alpina 00:15:55.45;
4 Matilde GOSS U.S. Lavaze’ 00:16:06.70;
5 Maria IGLESIAS Fed. Spagnola Fedi 00:16:07.92;
6 Cecilia COLTURI Polisportiva Le Prese 00:16:14.39;
7 Anna TAZZIOLI A.S. Olimpic Lama 00:16:14.95;
8 Francesca COLA S.C. Alta Valtellina 00:16:15.99;
9 Maria SELLES Fed. Spagnola Fedi 00:16:22.70;
10 Martina IELITRO Polisportiva Le Prese 00:16:31.21