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Yesterday and today the 36th edition of Skiri Trophy XCountry with the partnership Kinder + Sport
The same trails of Tour de Ski and FIS Nordic Combined World Cup
Only Italy on the podium, against all odds

After Tour de Ski and the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup and before Marcialonga, the trails of Lago di Tesero (Val di Fiemme – Italy) hosted the 36th edition of Skiri Trophy XCountry, the youth competition with 1300 young athletes from 11 different countries, including Australia, Brazil and Argentina. In the past this event has been a springboard for athletes such as Zorzi, Checchi, Valbusa, Longa, Vuerich, Brigadoi, and also Majdic, Fabjan, Lampic.
It was a beautiful weekend for youth sport; it was cold but a nice sun shone during the performances of the young athletes, who had to cover different distances depending on their category. For the first time in many years, there have been no foreign victories, despite the great commitment especially of the young athletes of Croatia.
On Saturday the “Baby” race was won by Matteo Zanoli and Giulia Ronchail; the latter trains on the Olympic tracks of Pragelato and found the right feeling on the Fiemme trails. The “Cuccioli” race was won by Stella Giacomelli and Raul Castagna.
Today’s races with the older athletes saw three winners all from Friuli Venezia Giulia, ready to repeat the performances of their idols and “neighbours” Giorgio and Manuela di Centa and Gabriella Paruzzi. The winners of the “Ragazzi” category were Federico Flora and Aurora Baron; Aurora Morassi and Matteo Biondini from Modena – a relative of the late Italian champion Tonino Biondini – won the “Allievi” category.
In conclusion, it has been a successful weekend for GS Castello; the event was proposed with the partnership of Kinder + Sport following the motto “Joy of Moving”. Skiri Trophy is also part of the FIS World Snow Day initiative and of the combined Skirilonga, which combines the results of the very young skiers of Skiri Trophy with those of their relatives at the next Marcialonga.

Download TV images

Baby M
1. Zanoli Matteo S.C. Alta Valtellina 6.04,2; 2. Gianola Oscar Axel Nordik Ski Asd 6.05,4; 3. Clementi Dario S.C. Alta Valtellina 6.05,6; 4. Zamboni Emanuele S.C. Ledrense 6.18,0; 5. Einaudi Mario Sci Club Valle Maira 6.22,7; 6. Rosso Martino Bruno S.C. Alpi Marittime 6.24,3; 7. Jurkovic Teo Ski Association Pgz 6.25,8; 8. Primus Cristopher Polisportiva Timau Cleulis 6.28,7; 9. Varesco Cristian U.S. Cornacci 6.34,1; 10. Carrara Gabriele S.C. Val Di Sole 6.36,0

Baby F
1. Ronchail Giulia S.C. Sestriere 6.21,8; 2. Invernizzi Aurora Nordik Ski Asd 6.30,4; 3. Sagmeister Anna S.C. Sesvenna Volksbank 6.37,0; 4. Artusi Cristina S.C. Primaluna Giovani Xxiii 6.55,8; 5. Sobol Lana Ski Association Pgz 6.57,4; 6. Gasparac Lea Ski Association Pgz 7.03,7; 7. Delfino Lucia S.C. Valle Stura 7.07,9; 8. Fraulini Alessia Sci Club Sant’Annapelago 7.08,8; 9. Cogoli Sofia S.C. Sestriere 7.12,0; 10. Burek-Svetec Sara Ski Club Sljeme Zagreb 7.13,2

Cuccioli M
1. Castagna Raul S.C. Bosco 10.41,9; 2. Massimino Filippo S.C. Alpi Marittime 10.45,0; 3. Zanoli Pietro S.C. Alta Valtellina 10.48,7; 4. Bettini Carlo A.S.D. Polisportiva Valmalenco 10.56,5; 5. Pedranzini Daniel S.C. Alta Valtellina 10.59,4; 6. Florio Jacopo G.S. Godioz 11.01,8; 7. Trombetta Edoardo Gr. Sciatori Subiaco 11.16,4; 8. Boldrin Mosè S.C. Orsi Bianchi 11.17,4; 9. Occelli Stefano S.C. Valle Stura 11.18,9; 10. Stimac Matija Ski Association Pgz 11.21,9

Cuccioli F
1. Giacomelli Stella S.C. Alta Valtellina 9.44,9; 2. Morandini Anastasia A.S. Cauriol 9.56,2; 3. Miraglio Magalì S.C. Alpi Marittime 10.05,4; 4. Sobol Ema Ski Association Pgz 10.11,9; 5. Dimai Claudia Sci Club Cortina 10.14,7; 6. Dandrea Gemma Sci Club Cortina 10.17,0; 7. Ferrari Matilde Sci Nordico Bismantova 10.18,8; 8. Frigo Elisa Sci Club 2a Asiago Altopiano 10.19,4; 9. Tomic Franka Ski Association Pgz 10.20,4; 10. Biondini Michela S.C. Piandelagotti 10.24,0

Revival M
1. Serra Daniele Centro Sportivo Esercito 12.13,6; 2. Conti Tiziano U.S. Cornacci 12.13,9; 3. Piasco Alberto S.C. Valle Stura 12.18,9; 4. Capanni Marco Sci Nordico Bismantova 12.40,0; 5. Martinelli Alan S.C. Alta Valtellina 12.44,9; 6. Negrin Simone S.C. Prali Valgermanasca 12.47,9; 7. Lazzeri Luca G.S. Castello 12.50,4; 8. Turrini Simone Team Futura Asd 13.00,1; 9. Angelini Luca G.S. Castello 13.02,4; 10. Giovanelli Luca U.S. Stella Alpina 13.04,1

Revival F
1. Dellagiacoma Carola A.S. Cauriol 14.09,3; 2. Puntel Karin U.S. Aldo Moro 14.17,8; 3. Dosso Anna U.S. Aldo Moro 14.53,7; 4. Salvagno Giorgia S.C. Valle Pesio 15.08,7; 5. Mori Gessica U.S. Aldo Moro 15.18,3; 6. Migliori Aurora Sci Club Sant’Annapelago 15.40,8; 7. Fiori Irene S.C. Piandelagotti 15.53,1; 8. Rastelli Ilary Polisportiva Le Prese 16.05,1; 9. Fiori Giorgia S.C. Piandelagotti 16.10,9; 10. Paglione Francesca S.C. Capracotta 16.40,1

Ragazzi M
1. Flora Federico Polisportiva Timau Cleulis 14.05,4; 2. Carollo Michele S.C. Alpi Marittime 14.07,8; 3. Rigaudo Alberto S.C. Alpi Marittime 14.10,5; 4. Scandolara Simone S.C. Bosco 14.20,6; 5. Rocca Nicholas Asd Sporting Club Livigno 14.24,7; 6. Ferrari Luca U.S. Dolomitica 14.25,5; 7. Goss Andrea U.S. Lavaze’ 14.38,2; 8. Anarbe Peio Fed. Spagnola Fedi 14.42,5; 9. Di Santo Leonardo S.C. Opi 14.43,1; 10. Seppi Samuele A.S.V. Prad Raiffeisen Werbering 14.43,5

Ragazzi F
1. Baron Aurora U.S. Aldo Moro 10.27,6; 2. Piacenza Giulia S.C. Alpi Marittime 10.29,6; 3. Giraudo Aurora S.C. Valle Stura 10.30,2; 4. Dal Ben Giorgia S.C. Bosco 10.30,4; 5. Comensoli Vanessa Polisportiva Le Prese 10.33,7; 6. Gautero Carlotta S.C. Alpi Marittime 10.36,1; 7. Frigo Kristel U.S. Asiago Sci 10.49,5; 8. Corti Giulia Sci Nordico Varese 10.52,2; 9. Ghiddi Annamaria Polisportiva Pavullese Sci Fondo 10.52,5; 10. Laurent Beatrice S.C. Sestriere 10.54,1

Allievi M
1. Biondini Matteo S.C. Piandelagotti 17.48,0; 2. Ghio Davide S.C. Alpi Marittime 17.49,4; 3. Giraudo Samuele S.C. Valle Stura 17.51,9; 4. Artusi Aksel S.C. Primaluna Giovani XxIII 17.52,1; 5. Massella Alex S.C. Bosco 17.52,2; 6. Doliana Denis A.S. Cauriol 17.52,3; 7. Garcia Nicolò S.C. Sestriere 17.53,5; 8. Gastaldi Andrea S.C. Valle Pesio 17.53,7; 9. Franzoni Matteo Polisportiva Molina 17.57,0; 10. Rigaudo Gabriele S.C. Alpi Marittime 18.02,4

Allievi F
1. Morassi Aurora Polisportiva Timau Cleulis 14.38,0; 2. Cona Maria Sole S.C. Bosco 14.39,2; 3. Gallo Elisa S.C. Alpi Marittime 14.39,5; 3. Smole Ana Tsk Valkarton Logatec 14.39,5; 5. Logonder Anna-Maria Union Rosenbach 14.39,9; 6. Laurent Nadine S.C. Gressoney Monte Rosa 14.41,7; 7. Salvadori Manuela Polisportiva Le Prese 14.53,4; 8. Plosch Astrid S.C. Weissenfels 14.55,0; 9. Jagecic Nika Ski Club Sljeme Zagreb 14.59,0; 10. Cenci Roberta U.S. Enego Lisser 15.02,4

1 S.C. Alpi Marittime p.153; 2 S.C. Alta Valtellina 116; 3 Ski Association Pgz 114; 4 S.C. Bosco 88; 5 S.C. Valle Stura 70


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Skiri Trophy XCountry on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th in Val di Fiemme
Interview with the project manager of Kinder + Sport Joy of moving
FIS World Snow Day on Sunday 20th January in Lago di Tesero

Kinder + Sport Joy of Moving – a global social responsibility project by the Ferrero Group – will be present on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January during the Skiri Trophy XCountry in Lago di Tesero in Val di Fiemme (Italy) with a stand and various initiatives for young cross-country skiers. How did the partnership with Skiri Trophy start? “Fair play, integration and friendship are some of the common values that have brought together the roads of Skiri Trophy and Kinder + Sport Joy of moving. Skiri Trophy is more than just a race; it is a great opportunity to create authentic relationships between young people from different countries and to live unique moments of fun and movement. Not only sport and competition, but also entertainment and light-heartedness. This is our third participation in the Skiri Trophy and we are very happy with this partnership”. What is the purpose of your project? How many activities does it include? “Kinder + Sport Joy of moving is a project that was born to bring the joy of moving in every child’s life. The project was born in 2005; now it involves 4 million children in 30 countries around the world. Passion for movement, relationship, sport and friendship lie at the heart of the program; around the world, Kinder + Sport Joy of moving works together with important qualified and experienced partners – including institutions, 4 Olympic Committees, 132 Federations and Sports Associations, the prestigious ISF (International School Sport Federation), Ministries and Universities – to spread the joy of an active life among the younger generations. What will you bring to Lago di Tesero to entertain children and encourage them to practice sport?
“During the two days of the Skiri Trophy we will be present with the Kinder + Sport Joy of moving Village, where all participants will have the chance to live moments of fun together with their families thanks to games inspired by the Joy of moving methodology; the stand will be set up at the Cross Country Stadium of Lago di Tesero”. There is also a new fair play prize, isn’t there? “Yes, fair play is one of the most important values for Kinder + Sport Joy of moving and therefore we want to reward the most deserving child after the two days of races with the Joy of moving Fair Play trophy”. Do you think the partnership with G.S. Castello could be long-lasting? The event has a long tradition… “We strongly believe in lasting partnerships, especially when there is a strong sharing of values, as in the case of Skiri Trophy. We hope to continue working together in the coming years, reaching more and more children and different countries”.
The program of the Skiri Trophy XCountry is attractive: on Saturday 19th there will be the races of the categories “Baby” – on a 1.5 km loop – and “Cuccioli” on a track of 3 km (females) and 4 km (males). The mini-challenges will start at 2 p.m. and there will be numerous entertainment activities, which will also be organised during the male and female “Skiri Trophy Revival”: a 5 km race in classic technique for those born in and before 2002. On Sunday at 9.30 a.m., in Lago di Tesero there will be the race of the male and female categories of “Ragazzi” and “Allievi”: the female categories will cover respectively 4 and 5 km while the male categories will cover respectively 5 and 7 km, always in classic technique. This week there is the FIS World Snow Day, which is part of a project aimed at “Bringing Children to the Snow” in order to experience the magical world of snow with their families. There are hundreds of events all over the world, including the Skiri Trophy XCountry, which takes place on the official FIS World Snow Day, Sunday 20th January.


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Skiri Trophy XCountry in Val di Fiemme on 19th and 20th January
Interview with the head of G.S. Castello Nicoletta Nones
Today 15th January last day to register for the race (10 countries present)
Castello di Fiemme remains the heart of Skiri Trophy

“In this competition, which has been held for many years, we try to get children to play sports, to respect others, different cultures and nationalities. We want them to love sport, which on the one hand is hard work but on the other gives satisfaction becoming a true learning experience”, stated Nicoletta Nones, head of the organizing committee of Gruppo Sportivo Castello, in view of the 36th edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry that will take place on 19th and 20th January in Val di Fiemme: “Every year we try to propose something different, children’s happiness and fun come first”. There are many new aspects this year, but the teams that want to participate in the event in Trentino will not have to wait long, because entries close today: “On Sunday at 2 pm – before the award ceremony – there will be a rich prize draw – we remind the children to wear the bib. There is also the possibility to register for the combined Skirilonga child and parent (Skiri + Marcialonga), which is free”, continued Nicoletta Nones. It is necessary to enter the name of the parent when registering the child in order to draw up a separate ranking. There are some rich prizes and the first three will be awarded on the day of Marcialonga in Cavalese.
There are 10 nations represented to date: Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Andorra, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria and Australia. Also the partner ‘Kinder+Sport Joy of moving’ will provide a dedicated village to entertain the young skiers with the games of the Joy of Moving methodology and many other surprises: “Among them a fair-play trophy that will be awarded to a deserving child. The collaboration with the public authorities is very strong, also with Nordic Ski and Marcialonga, with whom we cooperate to keep cross-country skiing alive, which is a very important sport for Val di Fiemme. I would like to thank the authorities and the about 150 volunteers for their constant help”.

The Skiri Trophy has a long history: “The first edition was held in Brozin thirty-six years ago – continues Nicoletta Nones – and I competed in the ‘Allievi’ category. It feels like it has been a very long time since the first edition: the slopes were groomed by snowmobiles, there was a lot of snow. Then, over time, we moved to Lavazè because of the lack of snow. And finally in 1991, in view of the World Championships, to Lago di Tesero”. The race package is also quite rich: “There’s the shoe bag, a neck warmer and the personalised Kinder+Sport shirt, the red Skiri Trophy cap for athletes and coaches. The tracks will be almost the same of last year, perhaps with just a few small adjustments”. Despite the fact that the theatre of the challenge is Lago di Tesero after hosting the champions of Tour de Ski and Nordic Combined, the heart of the Skiri Trophy remains Castello di Fiemme: “The torchlight ceremony will still be held in Castello, since the ceremonies were born in Castallo and 80% of the volunteers are from Castello. The parade is very beautiful, there is a final show that is very appreciated by young people; for this event the valley is full of tourists and there are no hotel rooms available” concludes Nicoletta Nones. Further information about the regulations and the program are available on the website.


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Skiri Trophy XCountry in Val di Fiemme on 19th and 20th January
Important news for the participants

This year the SkiriTrophy XCountry timing system will be managed by Datasport.
Here there are some important news on regulations and standards of this edition of the event respect to the passed years:

  1. the transponder (CHIP) you have on the race number has to be TURNED BACK to the organization, therefore the team have to:
    – pay a deposit of 50 euro (regardless the number of registered athletes)
    – preserve, collect and return to the secretariat all the transponders (CHIP) at the end of the competitions; all the CHIP have to be returned included those of the athletes not started and/or not arrived. The secretariat will make a check on the transponders before returning the deposit back to the team
  2. the results will be published in real time at the following link
  3. the final and official results will be published at the end of each day on the website of the event and on the website of Datasport. The final results will be also published at the stadium.

Last note: from today you can find the official tracks for the 36th edition of the SkiriTrophy XCountry on the website in the page TRACKS.


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Skiri Trophy XCountry in Val di Fiemme on 19th and 20th January
“Skiri Trophy Revival” on Saturday with the parade of the protagonists of the past
A rich program on both days with the participation of Onelio
The ‘Joy Of Moving Fair Play’ trophy will be awarded by the partner Kinder

After the World Cup champions of Tour de Ski and Nordic Combined, in Val di Fiemme there will be the youngest of the Skiri Trophy XCountry. They will compete in the Cross Country Stadium of Lago di Tesero and the OC can already be proud of the participation of nations such as Brazil and Argentina.

In fifteen days the children from all over the world will have the chance to participate in the event they have been waiting for for over a year, and which is organised by the Gruppo Sportivo Castello. The mini world championship of cross-country skiing will take place in Lago di Tesero, in Val di Fiemme (Italy) on 19th and 20th January. The rich program is very attractive: on Friday, at 8.30 pm in Castello di Fiemme there will be the traditional jury meeting, while on Saturday there will be the races of the male and female categories “Baby” – on a 1.5 km track – and “Cuccioli” on a 3 km track for the female category and 4 km for the male category. The mini-challenges will start at 2 p.m. and there will be numerous entertainment activities, which will also be organised during the male and female “Skiri Trophy Revival”: a 5 km race in classic technique for those born in and before 2002. The protagonists who made the history of the event will return to Lago di Tesero and will receive a kit of waxes donated by the sponsor Rode. The children’s race package is also very rich with a personalised Skiri hat and the gadgets of the partner Kinder+Sport “Joy of Moving” with a colourful Skiri Trophy personalised t-shirt and a neck warmer, while even coaches will receive their “prize” as a gift, a hat with the word “coach” clearly written on it. In Castello di Fiemme, at 5.30 pm, there will be the welcome ceremony to all the foreign and national representatives, the parade with the band of Molina di Fiemme, the greeting from the authorities, the lighting of the fire torch during a show surrounded by special effects. And that’s not all because in the evening – at 8.30 pm at the Theatre in Tesero – there will be another animation show, this time with the ‘one man show’ by Onelio, guest star of this edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry. On Sunday at 9.30 a.m., in Lago di Tesero there will be the race of the male and female categories of “Ragazzi” and “Allievi”: the female categories will face respectively 4 and 5 km while the male categories will cover respectively 5 and 7 km, always in classic technique. On the website of the event, the organizing committee informs that “only online registrations are available and they must be sent to the Gruppo Sportivo Castello di Fiemme by and no later than Tuesday, January 15th”. The OC also remembers that at the achievement of 1400 participants, the registration will be closed. But that’s not all: there will also be a prize draw among those present, a ceremony for the winners and the awarding of the ‘Joy Of Moving Fair Play’ Trophy, which is something completely new this year for the Ferrero Group’s social responsibility project; Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving: “born to promote active lifestyles as a good daily habit starting from the new generations”, is a project that is already present in 30 countries and supports the passion of young athletes in cooperation with CONI (Italian IOC) and the main sports federations in order to support initiatives that bring young people closer to the values of sport and the joy of moving, hence the name “Joy Of Moving”. The G.S. Castello will also provide the live streaming of the races on Sunday on the Facebook page “Skiri Trophy”.


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36th edition of Skiri Trophy XCountry
in Val di Fiemme (Italy) on 19th and 20th January
10% of the registration fee will be donated to the association “Amici Trentini”
Baby, Cuccioli, Ragazzi and Allievi but also Revival competitors
“Combined” rankings: Skirilonga and Pinocchio

After consulting the students of the school Liceo del Design e delle Arti “G.Soraperra” in Pozza di Fassa for the realization of the sketches for the trophy, the sports group G.S. Castello is ready to organise the Skiri Trophy XCountry on 19th and 20th of January, which has kept the youngest cross-country athletes waiting for a year. The trophy celebrates its 36th edition ‘Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving’ and has become a point of reference for the young cross-country athletes. The “mini-world championship” will take place at the Cross-country Stadium in Lago di Tesero in about fifty days – on the World Snow Day 2019 – and will see a great number of countries and many children also from overseas compete in Val di Fiemme.

Entries will open on 1st December, and the categories “Baby”, “Cuccioli”, “Ragazzi” and “Allievi” will enjoy an event full of fun on the snow. The “Baby” (2009-2010) will compete on a 1.5-km-long track, the “Cuccioli” (2007-2008) will cover 3 km (female category) and 4 km (male category), the “Ragazzi” (2005-2006) 4 km (female category) and 5 km (male category), and the “Allievi” (2003-2004) 5 km and 7 km. Registrations must be sent to G.S. Castello di Fiemme no later than Tuesday 15th January; only online registrations are possible, accessing the section on the website of the event and paying the registration fee of 11 euros (limit of participants: 1,400). Next January there will also be an event for adults, i.e. a 5 km race in classic technique reserved for all those who participated in the previous editions of Skiri Trophy XCountry.
Each participant will receive a rich race pack with gadgets offered by the organizing committee, including a technical race cap and material provided by the partner Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving; the Revival participants will receive a race pack offered by Rode. It is important to note that 10% of the participation fee of each competitor will be donated to support children in need all over the world in collaboration with the Association “Amici Trentini”.

There will also be a combined ranking free of charge named “Skirilonga” – a collaboration between Marcialonga and G.S. Castello for a special ranking created through an algorithm that will add up the single performances of parents and children –, and the combined ranking with Pinocchio, a race that will see young athletes compete at the Cross-country Stadium Piana Amorotti in Modena. The combined between Skiri and Marcialonga will guarantee important prizes to the winners, such as a personal voucher for a free registration to Marcialonga Skiing for the young competitor who participates in the Skiri Trophy XCountry to be used once he/she turns 18, and a voucher for a free stay of a weekend for two people in a hotel in Val di Fiemme. In order to register to the combined, you need to fill in the entry-form available when registering for the Skiri Trophy XCountry no later than 20th January 2019. There will also be some entertainment events in Val di Fiemme. After the welcome ceremony to all foreign and national representatives with the participation of the marching band of Molina di Fiemme, there will be a show with Onelio whose affinity, magic and juggling will entertain all those present on Saturday 19th January at 8 p.m. at the Theatre in Tesero. Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving, an international project of Social Responsibility by the Ferrero group, aims to bring the joy of moving in every child’s life and will organise playing activities for children in an entertainment village based on the philosophy of Joy Of Moving, specially set up at the Cross-country Stadium in Lago di Tesero. Once again, the future of cross-country skiing passes through the direction of G.S. Castello.


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35th edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry today in Val di Fiemme (ITA)
Rai Sport will broadcast the event at 14.50 on Tuesday 13th and at 2 and 6 on Wednesday 14th.

The young athletes of the cross country sky will go through the 35th edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry at Centro del Fondo di Lago di Tesero (TN), on Rai Sport channel on Tuesday 13th at 14:50 and on Wednesday 14th at 2:00 and 6:00 a.m., with the voice of the Rai journalist Gianfranco Benincasa.
Three appointments in each time frame for the amazing young “world chammpion” organized by the Gruppo Sportivo Castello.


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35th edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry today in Val di Fiemme (ITA)
Aksel Artusi and Ilaria Scattolo won the race “Ragazzi”
Nadine Laurent and Andrea Gartner were the best in the race “Allievi”
Among the clubs: SKI Association PGZ wins ahead
of S.C. Alpi Marittime and S.C. Alta Valtellina

Snow fell at the Cross Country Stadium in Lago di Tesero (ITA), making the Skiri Trophy XCountry even more magical, an event that was able to bring 40,000 competitors in 35 years of history to Val di Fiemme. Today the categories of “Ragazzi” and “Allievi” got on the track: the best athletes were Ilaria Scattolo, ahead of the Slovenian Jana Begus and Aurora Morassi, and Aksel Artusi ahead of Gioele Arado and Davide Ghio in the category “Ragazzi”. Nadine Laurent won ahead of Elisa Gallo and Francesca Cola in the female race of “Allievi”, while Andrea Gartner arrived at the finish line well ahead of Lorenzo Moizi and Anze Gros (SLO) in the male race of the same category. Yesterday, the smaller skiers took part in the competitions: in the “Baby” category there has been a Croatian supremacy thanks to Nives Baricevac and Matija Stimac, while in the “Cuccioli” race the Basque Peio Anarbe came first as well as Aurora Giraudo from Cuneo. Among the clubs, victory for the Croatian SKI Association PGZ ahead of the S.C. Alpi Marittime and S.C. Alta Valtellina. The main partner Kinder+Sport “Joy of Moving” was present with a “village” to promote sports activities among young people.

The final results are available on line here.

Download pictures and TV images:


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35th edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry today in Val di Fiemme (ITA)
Nives Baricevac and Matija Stimac: Croatian supremacy in the “baby” race
Spain’s Peio Anarbe first in the “cuccioli” race,
a good race also for Aurora Giraudo from Cuneo
Kinder+Sport “Joy of Moving” world project in Lago di Tesero with its own stand

It was forecast to be stormy today in Val di Fiemme (ITA), but the children of Skiri Trophy XCountry brought sun and joy to the XC Stadium in Lago di Tesero, in the first of two spectacular days of races with the competitors of the 35th edition.

The “Gruppo Sportivo Castello” organized a real “little world championship” reserved to young skiers, a real parade of nations and colours that reminds parents and fans of how important it is to bring their children to practise sport, whatever it may be. Kinder + Sport’s initiative “Joy of Moving” – a worldwide project involving 28 countries – is also based on these precepts. It was present in the “cradle of Nordic skiing” with a special play area where children could take part in a full range of activities, from football to tennis, and also in small athletic gestures. The tracks are the same that a few days ago hosted the cross-country skiers of Tour de Ski and Nordic Combined World Cup, therefore practically in perfect condition; the sunny day and the good temperatures for cross-country skiing have completed this special day, with many athletes coming from the near Croatia and Slovenia, but also from the town of Vitoria in the “Paìs Vasco”, certainly not round the corner.

The importance of individual victories is not the main piece of news in these cases. Enjoying training in the open air and dreaming, who knows, to enter one day in their respective national teams is probably the real piece of news.

The first race has seen the female “baby” skiers compete on the snows of Lago di Tesero, and two Croatian athletes were able to arrive in first and second place, with Nives Baricevac faster than her teammate Paola Zivanovic (both of the Ski Association PGZ), while in third place arrived Giada Ravera from Cuneo (S.C. Alpi Marittime). Another Croatian won the male “baby” event with another Croatian-Cuneo duel: Matija Stimac (Ski Association PGZ) who came ahead of Giacomo Barale (S. C. Valle Stura) by just a nose, third place for Boris Stefancic, also from the Balkan peninsula.

Cuneo won it back some time later in the female “cuccioli” race, with Aurora Giraudo faster than Carlotta Gautero, while in third place came Slovenia’s Mina Repe (SD Gorje). Spain’s Peio Anarbe of Vitoria in Paìs Vasco continued the parade of colours and nations being able to win ahead of Riccardo Giuliano from Cuneo (Ski Avis Borgo – Libertas) and Federico Pozzi from Valtellina. They are very young but already aware skiers: “I’m very happy with my result, the snow here is wonderful”, said the little Basque, “We have come a long way but it was worth it”, said the very young Croatia’s Zivanovic and Baricevac.

Then there are the competitors of the Revival event in the early afternoon, athletes who participated to the event in the past. Tiziano Conti, the athlete from Tesero, won: “Two years ago I took part in the first Revival event, today I’ve won so I’m proud, these races are made to have fun. Every day I come here to practice so I know the track well”, ahead of the Croatian Fran Vukonic: “I’m happy with my performance, it was my first time in the Revival category, the track was perfect and the organization exemplary, as always”. The cross-country skier Matteo Betta from Cavalese came in third place: “This is the second time in a row at the Revival event, the tracks of Lago are always very tough”. Alan Martinelli, the 4th, was thought to arrive among the first three and is an excellent cross-country skier with a remarkable past: “I’ve broken a stick and this has penalized me, Val di Fiemme is always Val di Fiemme and it’s a pleasure to come back”.

Among the ladies of the Revival event, the first was so surprised to have conquered her position, Lea Demetz: “I couldn’t be happier”. The second was Judith Moroder and the third was Roberta Tarter, also known for being the first Italian woman in the ranking list of Marcialonga in the last years.

To conclude, here is a comment by the coordinator of the organizing committee, Nicoletta Nones, who won the Allievi category in 1985: “This first day went very well”, states the niece of Franco Nones, the first Italian Olympic gold medallist in the history of cross-country skiing, “it was a sunny day and the children were all happy, there wasn’t any problem at all. Tomorrow it will be another beautiful day. About ten nations and over 1,000 competitors, with many entries at the last minute, even 40,000 competitors in 35 years of Skiri Trophy, a great achievement for the G.S. Castello. We are happy also because of the big crowd and the Kinder village”.

Tomorrow there will be the “Ragazzi” and “Allievi” races and you will have the possibility to follow the event organized by Gruppo Sportivo Castello on their Facebook and Instagram profiles, where you can also watch live the event and find updated information of the races. Start at 9.30 a.m.

The final results are available on line here.

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Italy’s Val di Fiemme houses the 35th Skiri Trophy XCountry
Over a thousand young skiers to compete tomorrow and Sunday
‘Sport as a game’ says Olympic legend Franco Nones
Skiri Trophy hand in hand with the Kinder+Sport ‘Joy of Moving’ project

The 35th Skiri Trophy Xcountry is about to take the floor, better yet, it is getting on the Val di Fiemme tracks tomorrow and Sunday with an exciting two-day event dedicated to young champions. The XC Skiing Arena in Lago di Tesero recently hosted the FIS Tour de Ski’s last stages and three Nordic Combined World Cup legs, and now is about to open its doors to over a thousand young boys and girls from all over the planet who will compete, as mentioned above, in tomorrow’s and Sunday’s races. The first two categories will start off at 14.00 tomorrow, while older categories will jump on their skis on Sunday at 9.30. All races will be in classic technique only.
‘We had tons of registrations in the very last days – OC coordinator Nicoletta Nones says – due to a recent flu outbreak. We have planned many side events on both days, our mascot Skiri will entertain everyone, there will be a special lottery and our main partner Kinder+Sport will set up an authentic village of booths beside the tracks and in Castello di Fiemme town center.’
Kinder+Sport created an international project named ‘Joy of Moving’ that brings the joy of movement into the life of all children. The idea is to go well beyond the importance of physical activity for its own sake. According to the Joy-of-Moving manifesto, movement is the first form of communication a child discovers and children can learn values like friendship, respect and loyalty through sport and movement in every day life. All participants to the 2018 Skiri Trophy Xcountry will receive a unique ‘Joy of Moving’ t-shirt, a shoe bag and a skipass holder.

In the Mid-Eighties the local Gruppo Sportivo Castello di Fiemme founded the XC skiing event and Franco Nones, who won gold in the 30 km race at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, was among the creators. ‘Our main goal is the same today than it was then – said Nones – we wish that passion, happiness, amusement and respect may be solid values that children share during these two days. Sport, especially when you are that young, must be considered a game and some sort of a school of life.’

Two combined events have been created this year by the OC, Skirilonga ties the Skiri Trophy to the Marcialonga skimarathon while Skiri+Pinocchio combines the trophy in Val di Fiemme with a similar event that will take place in Modena province in a couple of weeks.

Race bib distribution is scheduled tomorrow from 9.00 until 12.00 at the XC Skiing Stadium in Lago di Tesero. As said, the first race will be at 14.00, a Revival event with former participants will take place at 15.30 and the official opening ceremony will be at 17.30 in Castello town centre. A theatre show with acting and clown performances is scheduled at 20.30 in Tesero theatre tomorrow.

Races on Sunday will kick off at 9.30 and the prize giving and closing ceremony will take place in Castello at 15.00.