36° Skiri Trophy XCountry 19-20 January 2019


The G.S. Castello di Fiemme organizes the

36° Skiri Trophy XCountry 19 – 20 JANUARY 2019

in Castello di Fiemme (TN) – Italy


Sport and entertainment are our motto!! There will be also Kinder to brighten up these two days.


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Kinder+Sport is a global and responsible project developed by the Ferrero Group, aimed at supporting physical activity among young generations. The program stems from the knowledge that an active lifestyle is an essential part of a positive daily routine for children, teens and families. The goal of Kinder+Sport is to increase levels of physical activity among young generations around the world, giving them the possibility to develop a skill-set able to help them acquire proper behaviors and social and ethical attitudes.
We strongly set education at the core of our project, to help children grow up with the most worthy values of sport and life such as honesty, friendship, unity and trust in others.

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Institutional Sponsors

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