37° Skiri Trophy XCountry 18-19 January 2020




The G.S. Castello di Fiemme organizes the

37° Skiri Trophy XCountry 18 – 19 JANUARY 2020

in Castello di Fiemme (TN) – Italy


Sport and entertainment are our motto!! There will be also Kinder to brighten up these two days.

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kinder 2020

Kinder+Sport Joy of moving is Ferrero Group’s international Social Responsibility Project created to bring the joy of movement into the life of every child.
The initiative is inspired by the innovative and science-based educational method called “Joy of moving”, which is especially designed for children and based on games and playing. The method is, in fact, designed to foster physical activity among children and their families in an easy, engaging and joyful way.
Founded in 2005, the project currently involves 4 million children from 30 countries worldwide.
Passion for movement, relationship, play and friendship are at the core of the program, in motion across the globe in cooperation with accredited partners and experts: government institutions, four Olympic committees, 132 sport federations, associations and the renowned ISF (International School Sport Federation), ministries and universities – with the goal of promoting the joy of an active lifestyle for younger generations.
Believing that movement and play should have no barriers, the program has at its core an entirely new approach to physical activity, striving to make it always make joyful and worthwhile.

As we did in the last years, SkiriTrophy participates at the 8th edition of the WorldSnow Day 2019 which will include 469 events and actions in 45 countries on 20th January 2019.



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