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Skiri Trophy XCountry on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th in Val di Fiemme
Interview with the project manager of Kinder + Sport Joy of moving
FIS World Snow Day on Sunday 20th January in Lago di Tesero

Kinder + Sport Joy of Moving – a global social responsibility project by the Ferrero Group – will be present on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January during the Skiri Trophy XCountry in Lago di Tesero in Val di Fiemme (Italy) with a stand and various initiatives for young cross-country skiers. How did the partnership with Skiri Trophy start? “Fair play, integration and friendship are some of the common values that have brought together the roads of Skiri Trophy and Kinder + Sport Joy of moving. Skiri Trophy is more than just a race; it is a great opportunity to create authentic relationships between young people from different countries and to live unique moments of fun and movement. Not only sport and competition, but also entertainment and light-heartedness. This is our third participation in the Skiri Trophy and we are very happy with this partnership”. What is the purpose of your project? How many activities does it include? “Kinder + Sport Joy of moving is a project that was born to bring the joy of moving in every child’s life. The project was born in 2005; now it involves 4 million children in 30 countries around the world. Passion for movement, relationship, sport and friendship lie at the heart of the program; around the world, Kinder + Sport Joy of moving works together with important qualified and experienced partners – including institutions, 4 Olympic Committees, 132 Federations and Sports Associations, the prestigious ISF (International School Sport Federation), Ministries and Universities – to spread the joy of an active life among the younger generations. What will you bring to Lago di Tesero to entertain children and encourage them to practice sport?
“During the two days of the Skiri Trophy we will be present with the Kinder + Sport Joy of moving Village, where all participants will have the chance to live moments of fun together with their families thanks to games inspired by the Joy of moving methodology; the stand will be set up at the Cross Country Stadium of Lago di Tesero”. There is also a new fair play prize, isn’t there? “Yes, fair play is one of the most important values for Kinder + Sport Joy of moving and therefore we want to reward the most deserving child after the two days of races with the Joy of moving Fair Play trophy”. Do you think the partnership with G.S. Castello could be long-lasting? The event has a long tradition… “We strongly believe in lasting partnerships, especially when there is a strong sharing of values, as in the case of Skiri Trophy. We hope to continue working together in the coming years, reaching more and more children and different countries”.
The program of the Skiri Trophy XCountry is attractive: on Saturday 19th there will be the races of the categories “Baby” – on a 1.5 km loop – and “Cuccioli” on a track of 3 km (females) and 4 km (males). The mini-challenges will start at 2 p.m. and there will be numerous entertainment activities, which will also be organised during the male and female “Skiri Trophy Revival”: a 5 km race in classic technique for those born in and before 2002. On Sunday at 9.30 a.m., in Lago di Tesero there will be the race of the male and female categories of “Ragazzi” and “Allievi”: the female categories will cover respectively 4 and 5 km while the male categories will cover respectively 5 and 7 km, always in classic technique. This week there is the FIS World Snow Day, which is part of a project aimed at “Bringing Children to the Snow” in order to experience the magical world of snow with their families. There are hundreds of events all over the world, including the Skiri Trophy XCountry, which takes place on the official FIS World Snow Day, Sunday 20th January.

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