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Skiri Trophy XCountry in Val di Fiemme on 19th and 20th January
Interview with the head of G.S. Castello Nicoletta Nones
Today 15th January last day to register for the race (10 countries present)
Castello di Fiemme remains the heart of Skiri Trophy

“In this competition, which has been held for many years, we try to get children to play sports, to respect others, different cultures and nationalities. We want them to love sport, which on the one hand is hard work but on the other gives satisfaction becoming a true learning experience”, stated Nicoletta Nones, head of the organizing committee of Gruppo Sportivo Castello, in view of the 36th edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry that will take place on 19th and 20th January in Val di Fiemme: “Every year we try to propose something different, children’s happiness and fun come first”. There are many new aspects this year, but the teams that want to participate in the event in Trentino will not have to wait long, because entries close today: “On Sunday at 2 pm – before the award ceremony – there will be a rich prize draw – we remind the children to wear the bib. There is also the possibility to register for the combined Skirilonga child and parent (Skiri + Marcialonga), which is free”, continued Nicoletta Nones. It is necessary to enter the name of the parent when registering the child in order to draw up a separate ranking. There are some rich prizes and the first three will be awarded on the day of Marcialonga in Cavalese.
There are 10 nations represented to date: Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Andorra, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria and Australia. Also the partner ‘Kinder+Sport Joy of moving’ will provide a dedicated village to entertain the young skiers with the games of the Joy of Moving methodology and many other surprises: “Among them a fair-play trophy that will be awarded to a deserving child. The collaboration with the public authorities is very strong, also with Nordic Ski and Marcialonga, with whom we cooperate to keep cross-country skiing alive, which is a very important sport for Val di Fiemme. I would like to thank the authorities and the about 150 volunteers for their constant help”.

The Skiri Trophy has a long history: “The first edition was held in Brozin thirty-six years ago – continues Nicoletta Nones – and I competed in the ‘Allievi’ category. It feels like it has been a very long time since the first edition: the slopes were groomed by snowmobiles, there was a lot of snow. Then, over time, we moved to Lavazè because of the lack of snow. And finally in 1991, in view of the World Championships, to Lago di Tesero”. The race package is also quite rich: “There’s the shoe bag, a neck warmer and the personalised Kinder+Sport shirt, the red Skiri Trophy cap for athletes and coaches. The tracks will be almost the same of last year, perhaps with just a few small adjustments”. Despite the fact that the theatre of the challenge is Lago di Tesero after hosting the champions of Tour de Ski and Nordic Combined, the heart of the Skiri Trophy remains Castello di Fiemme: “The torchlight ceremony will still be held in Castello, since the ceremonies were born in Castallo and 80% of the volunteers are from Castello. The parade is very beautiful, there is a final show that is very appreciated by young people; for this event the valley is full of tourists and there are no hotel rooms available” concludes Nicoletta Nones. Further information about the regulations and the program are available on the website.

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