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Skiri Trophy XCountry in Val di Fiemme on 19th and 20th January
“Skiri Trophy Revival” on Saturday with the parade of the protagonists of the past
A rich program on both days with the participation of Onelio
The ‘Joy Of Moving Fair Play’ trophy will be awarded by the partner Kinder

After the World Cup champions of Tour de Ski and Nordic Combined, in Val di Fiemme there will be the youngest of the Skiri Trophy XCountry. They will compete in the Cross Country Stadium of Lago di Tesero and the OC can already be proud of the participation of nations such as Brazil and Argentina.

In fifteen days the children from all over the world will have the chance to participate in the event they have been waiting for for over a year, and which is organised by the Gruppo Sportivo Castello. The mini world championship of cross-country skiing will take place in Lago di Tesero, in Val di Fiemme (Italy) on 19th and 20th January. The rich program is very attractive: on Friday, at 8.30 pm in Castello di Fiemme there will be the traditional jury meeting, while on Saturday there will be the races of the male and female categories “Baby” – on a 1.5 km track – and “Cuccioli” on a 3 km track for the female category and 4 km for the male category. The mini-challenges will start at 2 p.m. and there will be numerous entertainment activities, which will also be organised during the male and female “Skiri Trophy Revival”: a 5 km race in classic technique for those born in and before 2002. The protagonists who made the history of the event will return to Lago di Tesero and will receive a kit of waxes donated by the sponsor Rode. The children’s race package is also very rich with a personalised Skiri hat and the gadgets of the partner Kinder+Sport “Joy of Moving” with a colourful Skiri Trophy personalised t-shirt and a neck warmer, while even coaches will receive their “prize” as a gift, a hat with the word “coach” clearly written on it. In Castello di Fiemme, at 5.30 pm, there will be the welcome ceremony to all the foreign and national representatives, the parade with the band of Molina di Fiemme, the greeting from the authorities, the lighting of the fire torch during a show surrounded by special effects. And that’s not all because in the evening – at 8.30 pm at the Theatre in Tesero – there will be another animation show, this time with the ‘one man show’ by Onelio, guest star of this edition of the Skiri Trophy XCountry. On Sunday at 9.30 a.m., in Lago di Tesero there will be the race of the male and female categories of “Ragazzi” and “Allievi”: the female categories will face respectively 4 and 5 km while the male categories will cover respectively 5 and 7 km, always in classic technique. On the website of the event, the organizing committee informs that “only online registrations are available and they must be sent to the Gruppo Sportivo Castello di Fiemme by and no later than Tuesday, January 15th”. The OC also remembers that at the achievement of 1400 participants, the registration will be closed. But that’s not all: there will also be a prize draw among those present, a ceremony for the winners and the awarding of the ‘Joy Of Moving Fair Play’ Trophy, which is something completely new this year for the Ferrero Group’s social responsibility project; Kinder+Sport Joy of Moving: “born to promote active lifestyles as a good daily habit starting from the new generations”, is a project that is already present in 30 countries and supports the passion of young athletes in cooperation with CONI (Italian IOC) and the main sports federations in order to support initiatives that bring young people closer to the values of sport and the joy of moving, hence the name “Joy Of Moving”. The G.S. Castello will also provide the live streaming of the races on Sunday on the Facebook page “Skiri Trophy”.

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